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Sunday, October 11, 2009

df -kh - df: a line in /etc/mnttab has too many fields

Getting the following error on the "df -h" command -

df: a line in /etc/mnttab has too many fields

Solution -

This issue can arise because of reasons like - wrong formatting of vfstab, auto_master files.

If you want to see if a white space is the problem, you should do a "view /etc/mnttab" and then input ":set list". This will display TABS as "^T" symbols. Spaces will show up as spaces. The issue is with files like /etc/vfstab, /etc/auto_master and such are white space delimited already so looking for spaces in there is going to be somewhat fruitless as a space between fields is perfectly acceptable.

Most of the time

Anything found in /etc/mnttab has already been accepted by the kernel as a valid mount. /etc/mnttab is a kernel created and maintained file.

I was having backup copy of vfstab file I simply replaced it with original and issue disappeared.

This is pretty hot tip!

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