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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Debug tip in case if container is hung while shutdown.

Debug tip in case if container is hung while shutdown.

Sometimes if you have NFS share mounted to NGZ through GZ & if you initiate shutdown to that container then most of the times it hangs & stuck at shutting_down state. If zone hung nfs mount one should be able to see it still mounted in the /etc/mntab file in the global zone: grep nfs /etc/mntab. It will be mounted under the zonepath.  You should then be able to do a umount -f / from the global zone and if you're really lucky the zone will finish shutting down.

Also see if any process is holding zone getting shutdown & try to kill them.  Yet another good command is truss, this will be a helpful while performing debugging. Like when you initiate shutdown then it start some process so you can simply truss on that process ID & see what it is exactly doing & where it is stuck.

If above tip won't work then you can use mdb to debug further -

Sun Container ref_count

# mdb -k
::walk zone | ::print zone_t zone_name zone_ref

The zone_ref > 1 means that something in the kernel is holding the zone.

# mdb -k

# mdb -k
::kmem_cache | grep rnode
ffffffffa6438008 rnode_cache               0200 000000      656    70506
ffffffffa643c008 rnode4_cache              0200 000000      968        0

Then run -

ffffffffa6438008::walk kmem | ::print rnode_t r_vnode | ::wnode2path

See if this gives any hints for solution. The out put from this command may show you few files/filesystems which may be hold back from the zone & it is causing shutting down zone.

In case if nothing workout then you have to take a call & recycle GZ server.

One important thing I came to know out of this experience that - zsched process is always unkillable.  It will only exit when instructed to by zoneadmd.

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