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Friday, June 25, 2010

Oracle bug

This week, two days back I hit a bug in Oracle

If you get following error while database start up or if your database crashed due to SAN unavailability, unexpected server crash, power outage etc and if you're starting database and get following error.

ORA-27167: Attempt to determine if Oracle binary image is stored on remote server failed
ORA-27300: OS system dependent operation:parse_df failed with status: 2
ORA-27301: OS failure message: No such file or directory
ORA-27302: failure occurred at: parse failed

$ sqlplus '/as sysdba'
SQL*Plus: Release - Production on Thu Jun 24 07:27:29 2010
Copyright (c) 1982, 2008, Oracle. All rights reserved.
Connected to an idle instance.
SQL> startup
ORA-00445: background process "MMNL" did not start after 120 seconds
This error indicate that you have hit a bug 6813883 on oracle version [Metalink article id: 784754.1]

After installing patch 6813883 using Opatch utility database startup went very well and now databases are running like a Piece of cake!

Hope this helps someone...


  1. Thanks, looks like we hit it too. But the database did start for us...

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