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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Simple, very basic however useful for beginners. - Zone creation with LOFS

bash-3.00# zonecfg -z New_Prod_Test
New_Prod_Test: No such zone configured
Use 'create' to begin configuring a new zone.
zonecfg:New_Prod_Test> create
zonecfg:New_Prod_Test> set zonepath=/Zones/NEW_PROD_TEST
zonecfg:New_Prod_Test> set autoboot=true
zonecfg:New_Prod_Test> add net
zonecfg:New_Prod_Test:net> set address=
zonecfg:New_Prod_Test:net> set physical=e1000g0
zonecfg:New_Prod_Test:net> end
zonecfg:New_Prod_Test> add fs
zonecfg:New_Prod_Test:fs> set dir=/usr/local
zonecfg:New_Prod_Test:fs> set special=/Zones/NEW_PROD_TEST/local
zonecfg:New_Prod_Test:fs> set type=lofs
zonecfg:New_Prod_Test:fs> set options=[rw,nodevices]
zonecfg:New_Prod_Test:fs> end
zonecfg:New_Prod_Test> verify
zonecfg:New_Prod_Test> commit
zonecfg:New_Prod_Test> exit

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