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Sunday, August 16, 2009

NIM Cheat Sheet

Here is the cheat sheet for AIX NIM procedures.

Packages required -

bos.sysmgt.nim.client (For client)

1. To configure and initializing NIM master.

#nimconfig -a netname=net_10_77_64 -a pif_name=en0 -a netboot_kernel=mp -a cable_type=tp -a client_reg=no

2. To define LPP source on NIM master

#nim -o define -t lpp_source -a server=master -a location=/export/nim/lpp_source/lpp5307 -a source=/mnt lpp5307

Where -

o - Specifies what operation to perform on a NIM object.
t - Specifies the type of the NIM object for define operations.
a - Assigns the specified value to the specified attribute.

--> To view the Attributes of a newly created lpp_source

#lsnim -l lpp5307

--> To remove lpp_source

#nim -o remove lpp5307

--> To check the lpp_source integrity after any additions or modifications to existing lpp_source

#nim -Fo check lpp5307

Where -

F- Overrides some safety checks.

3. To define SPOT (Shared product object tree) from lpp_source

#nim -o define -t spot -a server=master -a location=/export/nim/spot/ -a source=lpp5307 -a installp_flags=-aQg spot5307

--> To recreate the SPOT defination

#/usr/lpp/bos.sysmgt/nim/methods/m_mkspot -o -a server=master -a location=/export/nim/spot -a source=no spot5307

--> To remove NIM SPOT

#nim -o remove spot5307

--> To check the SOPT

#nim -o check spot5300

4. To define a NIM client

#nim -o define -t standalone -a platform=chrp -a if1="net_10_77_64 lpar2 0 ent0" -a cable_type1=tp -a netboot_kernel=mp LPAR2

--> To view the attributes of the NIM client

#lsnim -l LPAR2

--> To remove the NIM client

#nim -o remove LPAR2

5. To install NIM client

#nim -o allocate -a spot=spot5307 -a lpp_source=lpp5307 LPAR2

6. initiate the install for NIM client

#nim -o bos_inst -a source=rte -a installp_flags=agX -a accept_licenses=yes LPAR2

NOTE - If the installation is unsuccessful, you need to re-allocate the resources. However, first you will need to reset and deallocate NIM resources.

#nim -Fo reset LPAR2
#nim -Fo deallocate -a subclass=all LPAR2

NOTE - To view the progress during installation and first boot, you can use the showlog operation to the nim command:

#nim -o showlog -a log_type=boot LPAR2

To unconfigure NIM master

#nim -o unconfig master

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