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Monday, August 24, 2009

Serial Number in EEPROM - Sun Solaris

sneep (Serial Number in EEPROM) is a nice utility for Solaris that can retreive the Chasis Serial Number (CSN) or the Product Serial Number (PSN). This comes real handy when taking inventory or when having to work with Sun Support. sneep can also store useful information like system Assett Tag or Location into the EEPROM which can be retreived later on.


sneep command is to inquire about the system serial number.

For newer SUN models, this command reads the eeprom to figure out the system serial number.

For other, older models, you have to load SNEEP once, with the box serial number, and
from that point on, programs and users can call up the system serial number by executing
sneep at the command line. SNEEP also loads the eeprom with the serial number.

This tool is part of the Support Toolkit Bundle, which you install with, a file you can download from several SUN support sites. This file also downloads and installs
the SUN explorer utility, and several others, so it's critical for getting SUN support.

You are also supposed to install the utilities on the Supplemental Software CD. These
give you the SUNWvts testing utilities, the RSC admin utilities, and install other support
utilities that WILL be asked for on a SUN contract support call.

Download the sneep utility from

Install sneep

# uncompress SUNWsneep2.7.tar.Z
# tar -xvf SUNWsneep2.7.tar
# pkgadd -d . SUNWsneep
# pkginfo -l SUNWsneep
NAME: Serial Number in EEPROM
CATEGORY: service
ARCH: sparc,i386
BASEDIR: /opt/SUNWsneep
VENDOR: Sun Microsystems, Inc.
DESC: Persistent, software-accesible storage of Chassis Serial Number (CSN) across OS and application changes. Works on all Sun platforms. Can also store and retrieve arbitrary other values in EEPROM.
PSTAMP: sustain-1920090626002544
INSTDATE: Aug 24 2009 07:09
HOTLINE: Support provided through normal Sun support channels
STATUS: completely installed
FILES: 25 installed pathnames
5 directories
3 executables
1370 blocks used (approx)

How to use it?

Display Serial Number


# sneep -T
“ChassisSerialNumber” “XXXXXXXX"

Store Information in EEPROM

To store information into the EEPROM like the asset tag use the “-t” to set the tag name and the “-s” option to set its value as below:

# sneep -t “AssetTag” -s 001234

To display all information

# sneep -T
“AssetTag” “001234"
“ChassisSerialNumber” “XXXXXXXX"

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